How to Make Dirt for Worm Cakes

Get a large packet of Oreo cookies, and begin by crushing the Oreos. Place the Oreos in a zip lock bag and manually crush with a rolling pin, or use a food processor to do the job. Set aside the crumbs for later.

Take a two- to three-ounce box of instant vanilla pudding and mix the contents with three and a half cups of powdered milk. Fold twelve ounces of whipped topping into the pudding mixture. In another container, mix one stick of melted butter, eight ounces of cream cheese, and one cup of sugar, and then add to the pudding mixture. Stir thoroughly.

Using a thoroughly cleaned flower pot, line the sides with foil or plastic wrap. Start lining the sides with dirt for worm cake. Prepare one package of gummy worms. Pour your crushed Oreo cookies in layers from the bottom, interspersing the layers with a handful of gummy worms every now and then. Place a few gummy worms on top of the cake, ensuring that they are partially buried so it looks like they are just emerging from the ground.

Refrigerate your dirt for worm cake until it’s ready for serving.

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